If you want to travel far away and don't know how to get there, update yourself on the Viamichelin app to make things easier. With this tool, you can access all maps, in which you will be able to enter your starting point and destination. You will then be given instructions that will show you the easiest way possible to get to your destination.

With the use of ViaMichelin, finding our destination and the best route to get there is now a children's game. ViaMichelin will detect our location and after pointing out our destination, it will show us the best routes.

ViaMichelin is great as it will give you three different routes to get to your destination. Then you will be able to choose the appropriate route you want to go. The application also allows you to add points of interest, such as museums, restaurants, hotels, gas stations or garages, to the map. So it will be a great help when you find yourself away from home and want to be able to make a solid plan for your trip.

On the other hand, the menu of ViaMichelin Route Planner Maps is so rich that you will be able to choose the route for which you don't have to pay tolls or other fees or if you don't want to connect by boat or dive on the roads. small. This app is great because it's everything you need from Michelin packed into the Android version.

Features of Viamichelin

- Set your location with geolocation on different maps, interact, fluently and clearly: Michelin maps, lite maps, satellite, and aerial maps and all new 3D maps in navigation mode. We can calculate our itinerary depending on whether we travel by car, bicycle, or on foot.

- See different routes with information on when we will go and distance will be covered.

- Customize your fuel consumption to calculate the cost of your trip. Fine-tune this cost by specifying your vehicle model to receive a specific consumption calculation.

- Customize your itinerary via the Route option: shortest route, fastest, cheapest, recommended Michelin, or discovery route.

- Check the roadmap has all the main stages of your journey.

How to use Viamichelin

Viamichelin users will easily use this application because of its interface and logical arrangement. Enter the name of the place you want to go to ViaMichelin to detect the location and indicate your destination, it will show you all the best routes and fusion for you.