Via Browser

Via Browser - a functional browser for daily use. An Internet browser with a very simple and smooth interface using the core of Pro WebKit.

Via Browser is a lightweight, fast, customizable mini-browser that doesn't feel like a "mini" browser. In fact, outside of the fast pace, Via contains enough features to make it feel like its all-inclusive siblings. Via is also really stable, with an active developer working to fix bugs and add new features.

Quiet browser: Passing the browser will not push news and other things to you. Never mind your Android devices.

Small browser: Via a browser that uses less memory on your Android devices. Keep your Android devices as fast as new.

Lite browser: Via browser designed for Minimalism. The best choice for passionate users and those who like lite products.

Features of Via Browser:


- Lightning fast: This includes speeding up and exiting the application. Also includes fast browsing speed. Give your Android phone fast moving speed. Enjoy your fast web browser.

- Lighter but lighter: All designs are lightweight and lightweight. All experiences are light. If you like light browser, you must love this browser. Enjoy your light browsing time.

- Mini on android: Help save the memory of the Android device. The small size also makes Android devices smoother than ever. Enjoy your smooth browsing time.

- Best for Geek: Effectiveness is especially important. And the lite interface gives you a fresh feeling all the time. Enjoy your new and efficient browsing time.

- Minimalist interface

- High page loading speed

- Many plugins

- Saving traffic

- Block annoying ads

- Automatically delete download history and folders

Through Browser is a lightweight, fast, adaptable, smaller program than expected without feeling like a downscale program by YouTube by any imagination. In fact, outside of the fast pace, Via contains enough highlights to make it inclined that its siblings are out. Likewise is really stable, with a developer trying to fix bugs effectively and include new highlights.

Via Browser promises your smooth and fresh browsing time. Most browsers are insecure and fast, but they are most usable because of their Names & brands. Via Browser is completely secure in that case because it cares about your privacy and data.