Vegas Crime Simulator

Vegas Crime Simulator apk is a very popular great 3D open world crime game. You have to play the role of a ruthless criminal with an aspiration for the whole city - he wants to rule a criminal empire and take over using any necessary means.

Step into the world of crime city games like a true Vegas gangster, mixing all the fun of crime simulation games and the excitement of Vegas gangster games in one package Truly unique and challenging gangster game. The criminal city of Vegas has become a failed city, where big gangs are wandering freely and mafia criminal gangs are running their activities in the city, are they a gangster? Having loyalty to a gang is as good as death, enjoy everything that Vegas crime game must offer from robbery criminals to car thieves in crime city games. Enjoy casinos and beach parties in a mix of Vegas simulation and crime simulation games. Work for a crime lord or gangster mafia in the crime city simulator storyline. Embark on a criminal journey in the crime city of Miami unlike any other free mafia game. Download Epic Battle Simulator 2 and experience it for yourself.

The gameplay of Vegas Crime Simulator seems very familiar if you've ever played GTA saga. You can move your character to anywhere in the city and steal any car you want. You can also shoot directly at the police and other criminals.

Vegas Crime Simulator has tons of different cars available that you can drive around, but there are also motorcycles, tanks and even helicopters. There are also tons of weapons to choose from: axes, guns, shotguns and machine guns.

Get ready, because you can do practically anything you want. You can steal cars, start shooting, face other criminals, and more.

Features of Vegas Crime Simulator

- Features of Real Gangster Vegas Crime Simulation Games 2019:

- Real Gangster characters to choose from in the Vegas crime game.

- Crime city environment details for lovers of Vegas crime city game.

- Many challenging levels and real gangster activities of Vegas to do in open world games.

- Play the best crime city simulator with endless fun & gangster mafia.

- Many things to do other than missions & missions not seen in real gangster games.

- 3D simulation game inspired by Grand Theft Auto

- Many weapons to use, including Sniper, gun, riffle and many other things

- Control cars, motorcycles and be a gangster in GTA 5 city

- Quests to do around the city

Complete missions, unlock all cars and do more in this great game.

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