Twist Hit

Twist Hit apk is addictive arcade action game, planting trees and filling the layers of the trunk to save the entire forest. Think you can do this?

Twist Hit! Simply a reflex game and need high accuracy. In Twist Hit game!, you can save the tree from its base, filling each layer of trunk from the core back out. Basically, the trunk is made up of many different layers of wood and you need to recreate these layers to save the tree. Press a button to fire a stream of wood that can fill the circles that make up the trees. It sounds simple, but you will soon realize how challenging this game is.

These challenges are that the tree is constantly spinning and the obstacle is an existing tree bark that rotates around the corner of the tree, preventing your work. If you touch them, you will have to replay this level no matter how many trees you have replanted before. That is, in any level 1 requires you to plant 5 trees, if you encounter failure in the 5th tree, you will have to replant the entire first tree.

Slowly but surely, this is the tactic you need to apply in Twist Hit for iPhone to not have to plow any screen play. The game has no time limit, so fast action does not bring you any reward, but slow does not make you lose points. Take action at the right time to avoid troublesome obstacles and accomplish goals. Every time you plant a successful tree, you will be rewarded with gems. You use these gems to unlock many new plants.

Completing the mission and seeing the tree grow in Twist Hit for iOS is an extremely satisfying experience. You will feel great watching a complete tree growing from the cut root. It is a miracle that the real world cannot have.

The increasingly difficult levels, there are dozens of different levels, more and more crust color. But don't worry too much, Twist Hit! is a relaxing game, so although the levels can be challenging, they are usually not annoying.

FEATURES of Twist Hit!

- Addictive gameplay

- Simple and satisfying

- Funny and help to relax

- Easy control

- Gorgeous effects

- Attractive graphics

- Many different planting locations

- Challenging arcade gameplay

- Unlock unique devices

If you're looking for a game to relax and unwind, don't hesitate to download Twist Hit! right now. Twist Hit! Addictive, simple and very interesting. It also comes with vivid, lovely graphics and various settings that make Twist Hit! really entertaining.