Turbo Dismount

Turbo Dismount is a motivational tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars that love him. This is the official sequel to the hugely popular and extremely successful personal impact simulator - Stair Dismount.

Turbo Dismount starts with a sad cello announcing the many painful collisions that you are about to release on an unsuspecting stick figure. Based on Dismounting games, the 2D variants of this original stickman 3D crash simulator allow you to enjoy your inner brutal.

The main goal is to cause as much pain as possible for your character. Choose one of four vehicles, from high-speed sports cars to tricycles and choose one of five poses for your character before taking off on the deadly roads of the level you choose. Place any one of the thirteen obstacles along your way in a number of positions, position to cause maximum carnage! Hurry up and race your way down the road to death eventually!

Features of Turbo Dismount

- Physical collision causes vibration

- Smooth 4x MSAA images with smooth resolution on SHIELD Tablet

- Crispy sound effects * Delicious slow mo playback system

- Many levels, types of obstacles and characters

- Many vehicles: cars, trucks, construction vehicles, skis ...

- The level of sophistication to your liking!

- Customize your character and vehicles with your own images!

- Rankings and achievements

- Support for game controls!

How to play Turbo Dismount game

Just throw the stick down some stairs, platforms or any other structure and see how they hope to break many bones in the body. This is after all how to score. The more spectacular and inevitable the fall with solid objects, the greater the impact. This may involve rotary saws, explosives or worse. At the beginning of each stage, you can choose a pose for your stick figure, as well as choose the power that they are pushed forward. Over time, you can even unlock wheeled objects, to place them on or in. Watch them sit in hospital carts, chairs or beds and push them into a pile of explosives.

As you pursue new ways to maximize damage, the stick-shaped rod will be thrown into the air violently. You can even manage to gain an achievement from it, by letting them flip in the air dozens of times or more. Thanks to the ragdoll physics tool used in Turbo Dismount, crazy and spectacular drops quickly get a strange sense of physical comedy about them. Laugh at the repeated misfortunes that occur with your stick figure and watch them break every bone in their virtual body.

To ensure that you don't miss the actual damage you cause, particularly strong bumps are accompanied by slow animation and rapid X-ray images of the recently battered and cracked limbs. . If that doesn't quench your unnecessary thirst for violence and suffering, put them in a cart and push them out in the middle of the flight because the wounds are even worse. Turbo Dismount is as much as beating a high score, as well as about giggling at the bad luck of your stick figure.