Truecaller apk is an application that helps users block spam calls on mobile, one of the applications to reduce messages or advertising calls effectively. The application currently supports both Android and iOS platforms to prevent mobile users from unnecessary troubles, and enhance the security for the phone.

You feel fed up with calls, spam messages, spam to your phone number, this problem has now been solved by Truecaller.

Truecaller is capable of searching, sorting, blocking, and searching for unknown phone numbers, besides it also helps to call your relatives and friends. List of phone numbers marked as spam based on the list published by internet users.

Users using mobile applications are often concerned about whether information on their device is leaked on the internet. According to information from the publisher, the Truecaller application respects the privacy of users and it also does not collect, contacts, information on your device for private purposes.

Actually, iPhone and Android mobile phones now have the ability to block unwanted calls or messages, but with iPhone phones, you still need an application to support manipulation faster than this job and Truecaller is a Good choice that we would like to recommend to you.

Features of Truecaller

- Look up the phone number you enter

- Automatically block the number of subscribers in the blocked list

- Support quick call friends from contacts

- View your phone contacts

How to use Truecaller

At the main interface of the application, you will see all the messages and calls on your phone will be synchronized here for easy management.

To use the blocking feature on Truecaller, you select the item: Block -> Click the + icon. With this application you can:

- Block a country code

- Block by SMS sender name

- Block by phone series

- Block a phone number

To use the blocking feature, click on the corresponding line. Proceed: Select the area code, enter the phone number to be blocked, the name of the blocker -> Click block to save.

The list of blocked phone numbers or blocked spam messages will be in the section: My blocked list.

With the powerful features mentioned above, Truecaller can say really is an application that you should install on your computer. Especially in the current context, when more and more people use the form of phone calls, text messages to take advantage of the ignorance of the user to appropriate property. Once the device is equipped with this utility, you can rest assured that any contact of unknown origin is promptly alerted.