True Skate

Skateboarding is a sport that is very popular with young people in the world today. Keeping up with that trend, True Axis has released True Skate game suitable for all ages, especially for those who are passionate about this game!

If you do not know, True Skate is a sports style game that gives you experience with extremely skilled skateboarding. You just need to glide your finger on the screen to control the skateboard, mastering the skills and tricks of surfing. With free but no less rich gameplay accompanied by beautiful 3D graphics, True Skate has captivated the hearts of millions of gamers in the world, especially the fans of skateboarding. Although debuted a long time ago, the heat of this game has never diminished. To maintain that heat, True Axis has recently launched an extremely hot update called "New Course: SLS 2017 Chicago" to meet the longings of skateboarders.

True Skate is a perfect choice for all players of all ages because of its extremely simple and easy to use design. The appeal of the game also comes from the design that could not be more impressive with a variety of different scenes and terrains for you to conquer such as parks, gymnasiums with the required steps. Extremely high technology.

It is worth noting that the game consists of many different levels, ranging from easy to difficult, suitable for both professional and amateur gamers. If you are a toddler newbie, GameHub believes True Skate will be a dedicated teacher who will guide you through every detail. What if you are a professional surfer and want to try more challenging challenges? True Skate will be a natural friend, working side by side to conquer the world!

Perhaps not much introduction to this game, this is a very good and very addictive game. If you've played it once, you won't be able to take your hands off your phone!

FEAATURES of True Skate

- Realistic touch based on physics, providing authentic surfing experience

- Customize your skis, scratch them to your liking

- Drag your finger on the ground to push the board

- Get lost in a beautiful skateboard park filled with railings, stairs, grind rail, sunken fields, halfpipe or quarter pipes

- Switch teams slowly

- Gaining momentum

- Challenge the player

- Support playback

- Global rankings

HOW TO PLAY True Skate game

- Control your height: swipe down lighter or harder on the tail.

- The ground on the grinding rail: Hit the board as soon as possible to push it down the tracks.

- Automatically pump when converting: Keep your finger down

- All about control: Be gentle and to the point when you're handling the swipe and slide. This is especially useful for smaller tricks, as well as harder ones that require a lot of swiping and combining.

- Out of speed: Swiping harder and crazier won't help you accelerate faster. Check the best number of swipes to help you at maximum speed so you are not tired.