Transit means a transit flight, this is a flight that can have one or more stops between the flight from the departure point to the destination. It takes place mainly on international routes. The time between stops is used for carrying more passengers or goods or maybe to refuel the aircraft.

Depending on the flight, passengers can move to the airport transit area or still sit on the plane. The in-flight flight often takes place mainly on international routes. If you are traveling long distances, you should be prepared to not be bored, surprised, or encounter other difficult problems.

Experience Transit

To have the most convenient journey possible, you need to have some necessary experience, for the transit flight, you need:

- You should find out flight information before departure: Specifically, you should carefully ask the airline you buy the plane ticket to see how long transit time is? While in transit to wait for the next flight, where is the accommodation? Do you have to pay any extra cost? ... this basic information will help you avoid the arising, or the problem may be encountered at the transit airport.

- When arriving at the transit airport, you should adjust the clock right to the transit airport. Look for electronic boards that record flight times, gateways, and terminals for your next flight. You can ask the airport staff for specific instructions.

- When checking in at the international transit airport, you need to carefully read your flight information line that appears on the signal board. Once you know the number of gates and stations, you have to move to the door to wait (all instructions have been posted on the airport corridors). By the time the plane will be checked in, you need to present your flight ticket and passport.

- Because you have to go to the airport and wait for the flight, you should bring light luggage ..., especially pay attention to luggage in case the crooks take the opportunity to steal.

- At the transit airports, there is a worldwide store selling all kinds of fashion items, foreign wine ... world-famous, however, you only buy these types of goods when really needed. Because buying too many goods will make your carry-on luggage more cumbersome, especially with fragile items, which will make it difficult for you to move.
- To relax and avoid the boredom of waiting for a flight, you can visit the airport area where you transit, however, do not go too far and go too far from the airport.
- In case, you encounter an objective incident that affects the flight (missed flight) in checking customs, not receiving notice of changing the airport gate, slowing procedures .. Don't worry, the airline immediately informs the airline you bought the plane ticket to let them arrange for you the appropriate plan as well as solve the problems you encounter. Do not worry because if there is an objective reason affecting the flight, you will be compensated by another airline.


Instructions for procedures at the international airport

- The information is shown only as early as 1 hour before the flight. Therefore, you must watch as your flight information appears.

- Find the way to the station after knowing the number of doors and the station

- By the time the plane will enter the procedures: you need to show your plane ticket and Passport.