Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider apk belongs to the category of high speed motorbike racing games. You will be surprised about the interaction between the game and the player, with the immersive level just like the real thing. In particular, you can experience most of the super sports cars in the game, which previously only wished in real life. And the task of the player is to move, wriggle through the crowded lanes of traffic without even having a competitor. It sounds monotonous, but Traffic Rider quickly won the hearts of gamers, manifested in the increasing number of downloads.

Starting with Traffic Rider, players will have the opportunity to get acquainted with a gentle scooter that the game offers. Accompanied by basic operating instructions on the display of the conventional vehicle control system, including the left hand is the brake and the right hand is the accelerator accelerator, the clock on the vehicle displays the vehicle speed reached OK. In the following missions, there will be more sirens, turn signals and acceleration buttons.

Traffic Rider also allows players to upgrade their cars with many different indicators, ranging from engine power, steering ability or braking sensitivity. Even if you have plenty of money, players can completely buy themselves new cars with countless options. There you can lay hands from Piaggio-shaped cars (all names are fictional), "locusts" or even high-volume supercars.

How to play Traffic Rider game

The faster you race, the higher the score.

When the speed is over 100km / h, please try to cross the other carriages moving on the road to get bonus points and cash.

For two-way races (Two way), Drive the car in the opposite direction to get bonus points and cash.

Let's do wheelies to get bonus points and cash.

Tilt the device to start the race and use two virtual scooters on the screen to accelerate.

Standing in the top 5 of Google Play and Apple Strore these days, Traffic Rider is a reasonable choice for speed enthusiasts. This simple game made millions of addicts more than 10 million downloads after a few days of launch, it would be a pity if you missed such an outstanding product.