Torque Lite

Torque Lite is an application for your car. It turns your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad into a great car diagnostic tool to read your engine data.

See what your car is doing in real-time, receive error codes, sensor data, and more!

OBD II engine ECU diagnostic tool uses cheap Bluetooth ELM / OBD converter to connect to your OBD2 car engine management system

Some features include

- It can help you repair a car and help reduce car repair costs!

- Can export map/track log files to Google Earth KML / CSV

- Engine performance data (0 to 60, 0-100, quarter-mile, etc.) (full version)

- MPG for Gasoline / Petrol. (Pro version with diesel engine support)

- Perfect Display / GPS HUD mode to check your speed at night

- Display and Reset the motor error code / DTC Error code stored in your vehicle

- Data logging functionality including web upload and file logging, you can even upload data to your own web server from sensors you choose

- Support Turbo Boost meter for VW vehicles (Pro version only)

- Customizable control panel with theme support - set up control panel with gauges and dials you want

First, locate the car diagnostic socket - it must be a similar shape that will allow the adapter to plug into it. Some common positions for it are below the driver's side panel or behind a flap near or below the steering wheel. Some Vauxhall / GMs are placed in the 'tunnel' between the driver and passenger seat below the ashtray, and Alfas may be located in the passenger glove box.

This is the free / basic version - it lets you feel the app and lets you find out if it works with your car / obd2 adapter combination, but may contain some minor errors including not working on some Nissan/Chrysler /Subaru ECUs. The paid version supports more vehicles and ECU types, looks much better and works with more cars / trucks
When something goes wrong with your car, you can check it out for yourself and know what the problem is, then ask for help by twitter or Facebook from others. You can get real-time information like fuel consumption, torque, acceleration, etc. from iOBD2 on iPhone / iPod touch / iPad. iOBD2 can customize your measurement and after selecting the data you are interested in, it will only show you the data you are interested in.

The paid version has more features (HorsePower, Torque, 0-60, quarter-mile, chart data, map/track view) + no ads and extra dialer/display type! and better ABS / Knock sensor support, Support transmission temperature for some vehicles/trucks (GM / Ford, etc.) and Turbo Boost on many other vehicles (including VW)