Toca Kitchen

Do you love cooking or simply experience the pleasurable sensations of creating dishes for your loved ones? Game Toca Kitchen for Android will help you have a lot of experience. Do you love cooking or simply experience the fun of creating dishes for those who love? Game Toca Kitchen exclusively for Android operating system will help you have a lot of experience. Here you will play as super cute chefs but have to serve up to 4 fastidious guests. Especially, you will have up to 12 own recipes and can use 180 different combinations, you can also chop, fry, and use the microwave if you want.

And your task will be how to cook delicious and strange dishes based on available materials that both satisfy those guests. Not simply a cooking game you've ever seen, Toca Kitchen for Android was created to stimulate children's growth and creativity. Children can freely play and create new foods without being stereotyped. The scary reaction of the characters to different foods will make you unable to stop laughing. Cats like salted fish? The boy likes green vegetables and potatoes? Mix and match many unique dishes with no time limit or score in this fun cooking game.

Advantages of Toca Kitchen

Unlimited combinations
User-friendly interface, easy to use
Professional application
No other in-game shopping apps included
No advertising for 3rd parties.
Toca Kitchen is the perfect choice for those who love to cook, or want to explore and develop their imagination. The challenges that the game poses will help you have a really interesting experience"