TMDriver apk is a very useful program for taxi drivers. With its help, you can quickly and easily calculate the cost of a perfect trip at the prescribed rate, with simple parameters and many other parameters. In addition, the application includes tools that allow taxi drivers to stay in touch with the control room and other drivers. The program also greatly simplifies the receipt of orders received and is truly an indispensable taxi driver's assistant.

The TMDriver application facilitates and speeds up data exchange between passengers, drivers, and dispatchers. As soon as a passenger places a car, the order will be delivered to the dispatcher. After the appointment is made, the call information is transmitted to the driver and notifies the passenger about the vehicle's appointment. The dispatcher will then receive notification of the start and end of the trip. TMDriver also allows you to register a taxi fleet in the parking lot, register and remove the crew from the shift, exchange text messages between the driver and dispatcher, and transfer the crew's GPS coordinates to the program. Taxi Master.


Functions of TMDriver:

- Transfer orders to drivers from dispatching offices;

- Registration at the parking lot;

- Automatic registration and stay away from work shifts;

- The exchange of short messages to drivers and dispatchers;

- Transmit and receive Taxi Master's program coordinates of taxis (satellite gauges).

- After the trip, the driver can rate the passenger and leave a comment

TMDriver's work is based on GPS technology: the tax meter receives the coordinates of a vehicle from a satellite. Communication with the dispatcher office occurs on your mobile operator's internet channel.

Working process:

1. Customers call the taxi service.

2. Official dispatch received the reservation.

3. The system automatically transmits it to the driver.

4. The customer receives notification that a taxi is assigned.

5. Customers get in the car.

6. After completing the trip, the driver will close the order: notify the system to be sent.

To calculate the distance traveled, TMDriver uses GPS. Drivers must start the trip on their own and end the trip. You can do this with one touch on the screen. To work with the application without distracting the user while driving, it does not have any menus and drop-down functions, so the access you need to "dig" in the interface for a long time. All necessary elements are located right on the main screen. Also, in-app settings, you can turn off your device's automatic switch to sleep mode when the app is running. This option avoids the need to constantly release keys to access TMDriver's features. The program performs all calculations in real-time.