Titanium Backup Root

Titanium Backup Root is an application that allows managing devices much more comprehensively than normal, including protected applications and system applications that you normally cannot delete from the device. This application can only be used on rooted devices. It's a pretty good backup application with lots of speed on your phone and SD card, including your app data. It can even back up system apps and move them to your SD card to save space.

Features of Titanium Backup Root

Titanium Backup Root is an application that works quickly and only takes a few minutes to backup your entire phone. It has been one of the most popular applications on the market for a short time, which can be used to back up all your important apps, system data and even WiFi passwords on your handheld device.

If you upgrade to the Pro version, you can make as many backups for each application as well as schedule as many backups as you want. The Pro version also lets you sync your backups with online storage, like Google Drive, Box or Dropbox, though we'll expect this to be the norm in any backup application. The more advanced version, you have to spend money to buy, not used for free as this version.

To use this application you will need a rooted phone. You will be prompted by Superuser when you run Titanium Backup and may choose to give it permanent access so that you will be prompted again.

While the above backups will protect you from most errors, they won't be of much use if you encounter a fatal error that prevents your device from booting properly, such as corrupted files. in system or launcher fails.

The app now includes a scheduled backup option, which will keep you from having to remember because creating a backup every time you install a new app is a difficult thing and no one can remember. to create a backup every week or every month. It will back up every app, system data and new update since the last update.

Restoring from backup will help you protect the data when your phone is in a small crisis, but the next important step is to be able to restore your apps and settings if anything happens. what's wrong In the batch action, you will again find a list of options to recover your data in batch. Restore missing applications with data. In addition, restoring all data-based applications will replace all existing applications with their previously created backup versions. There is also a pretty useful option to only restore newer user application versions if you reinstall your system. However, the option you'll most likely be interested in is the option to restore the missing application + all of the optional system data, which will get everything back to its place when you create the backup. Although I cannot stress enough, that system data should not be restored if you are converting the ROM.

Titanium Backup can be used to uninstall unwanted applications and bloat ware.

How to play Titanium Backup Root

Download Titanium Backup Root and you won't have to spend a lot of time managing your data.