Tiny thief

Tiny Thief for Android is a fascinating adventure game about the little guy Tiny Thief apk specializing in stealing. Join this game, the player will join this cute thief on a journey wandering through the city full of hot and angry people.

Tiny Thief is built on an interesting story. Tiny Thief initially made a living by stealing. However, as the game progresses, he becomes the hero of a beautiful kingdom. At first, his work was not welcome, moreover it was always threatened by guards, dark knights, pirates and dragons. However, thanks to the courage, ready to plunge into danger to save the cute princess, Tiny Thief quickly received the admiration and respect of everyone.

Tiny Thief game is a very interesting and entertaining game thanks to its built on a funny character and humorous missions. Therefore, this game is suitable for most ages and always promises to bring hours of relaxation very comfortable for players. There is nothing more wonderful if after a day of hard work or stressful moments, you are immersed in an extremely fun atmosphere with a cute guy specializing in "practicing" stealing. You will witness a series of unforgettable experiences with Tiny Thief and enjoy the refreshing smiles.

Tiny Thief has a beautiful layout but the interface is quite simple, helping players easily get used to the game without having to learn the meaning of complicated buttons or terms. The control system is also very responsive and flexible, facilitating making interaction with characters in each screen faster. In each screen there will be 3 stars are items for players to "steal". And to capture them, players need to complete the required tasks; corresponding to a star is an item. The special thing is that the last item that you need to conquer is the lovely mink who often lurks on the roof. You only get it when completing the previous requirements excellently and do not underestimate this mink, because it will bring you a lucky star.

Tiny Thief apk has a simple gameplay but is quite challenging for players. This is also one of the factors leading to the success of this game. Once you've chosen Tiny Thief, you'll get lost in a game: neither too easy but not too hard to conquer; Eye-catching images with extremely cute characters make it even more attractive. In addition, the game screen is designed very delicate and diverse, so players will never feel repetitive and boring.

Features of Tiny thief

Interesting puzzle adventure game, different from the usual IQ games.

Shaping funny and fresh characters.

5 levels full of magic with increasing difficulty.

18 hidden objects to search.

10 new characters, including witches, demons, dragons ....

The appearance of magic wand when crossing new doors.

Sharp graphics, high quality images.

Sound effects bustling, vivid.

The game is suitable for all ages and completely free.