Tinker Island

Tinker Island is a survival adventure game on a deserted island. Here, you will become the reluctant leader of a group of people, guide them to build facilities, build weapons and fight wild animals to survive.

Tinker Island for Android has an extremely interesting plot. Imagine that you and a group of people are at sea when the ship is wrecked. The survivors get lost in a deserted tropical island, full of wild animals and never inhabited. So what to do to survive in this irony?

There is no other way, you have to stand up to lead the group of people who are scared, take them on a new adventure full of difficulties but equally interesting. Only by manipulations such as touch, simple swipe, your task is to lead people to build houses, explore the mysteries of the deserted island, find food...

In parallel with the process of building a new land on the paradise island, you also have to deal with many lurking enemies, fighting with wild monsters and of course indispensable romantic and interesting trips in new land. Teach people how to build weapons to defend or tame animals and solve puzzles.

Developed in the genre of attractive survival simulation games on mobile, Tinker Island for iOS gives players the challenges and requirements for you to complete during the trip. While on duty with your teammates, there will be specific instructions for you to know the emotional feelings of everyone in the group. Stay focused on these pop-up bubbles. This is a simple way to upgrade the index for members, help you understand what they want and give a reasonable response. For example, when Mary loses a tool, you can encourage her to overcome difficulties or offer to create a new tool, which increases the skill bonus points for the character.

Similar to many other survival games such as Minecraft, Tinker Island will offer many situations for you to overcome. When crossing the river, players need to show courage when swimming across the river, collecting diamonds or fighting fierce sharks. Talk to your teammates so they feel secure to continue this adventure. Players will choose the direction and how to react to each situation but still have to follow the general storyline.

Features of Tinker Island

- Lead a group of residents with shipwrecks with intuitive gestures on the screen

- Choose your own adventure

- Discover a new world full of mysteries

- Experience wild life on paradise island

- Face many dangers hidden behind each bush

- Find and create resources to survive

- Building bases and upgrading works

- Manufacturing weapons and tools

- Discover unique storylines

- Revealing haunting secrets on Tinker Island

Tinker Island is built with beautiful Pixel graphics, bright and vibrant colors combined with funny sounds. Remember that on a deserted island there is no wifi, so you cannot communicate with the outside world. Download Tinker Island and join the adventure of your life, build a base, explore and conquer it all yourself.