This War of Mine

This War of Mine will take you to exciting experiences. Here a group of adults and children are encircled in a city, they have to cope with the lack of food, medicine and constant danger. The main objective of the game is to survive in a battle with tools and materials that players can collect with the characters they control. During the day the outside snipers prevent you from leaving your hideout, so you need to do everything you need to sustain life: manufacturing, trading and taking care of people. At night, take one of your friends on a scavenger hunt through a city to find items to help you survive.

Features OF This War of Mine

Inspired by real-life events, simulating wartime, the people faced difficulties to survive.

Most of them don't have military background or any kind of survival experience and will need players to intervene constantly to survive. It is the responsibility of the player to maintain the character's health, hunger level and mood until a ceasefire is declared, which occurs after a random amount of time. A group of civilians try to survive in a besieged city; grappling with the lack of food, medicine and constant danger from snipers and hostile scavengers. Control your survivors and manage your shelter, take care of innocent children - create toys for them and make them smile. You will control a group of people looking for craft weapons, alcohol, beds or stoves - whatever helps you survive.

Making difficult decisions, making choices and sacrificing some people to do the task of protecting the rest of the people, these are very difficult decisions but you need to make them. The long war will lead to many bloodshed, each decision thinking about the number of people who can survive much.

The speed of This War of Mine is imposed on a day and night cycle. During the day snipers outside prevent you from leaving your hideout, so you need to focus on maintaining your hideout: making, trading and taking care of your survivors. At night, put one of your civilians on a mission to scavenge through a unique set of locations for items that will help you survive.

The worlds given in the game are random and the characters every time you start a new game.

How to play This War of Mine GAME

Touch people to adjust the direction and tasks they need to do, need to distribute people appropriately in the tasks.