The Sims™ Mobile

The Sims belongs to the category of simulation - simulation produced by Maxis and distributed by Electronic Arts. You can transform into a character in the simulated world and participate in daily activities in the city of SimCity. Rated as one of the most famous life simulation games of all time. The feeling of watching a virtual family live, giving birth for generations, must be said to be very interesting to many gamers.

The Sims ™ Mobile is currently being developed by a pair of EA and Maxis. The Sims ™ Mobile also adds more details for you to enjoy the customization of the desktop version. You can even write a story for your own character (not as rigid as Freeplay). For example, when your character gets old, there will be options to unlock new hobbies and careers for your descendants. Make the story seamlessly passed down through the generations in the family and everything goes exactly the way we can see daily in real life.

The most unique feature of the game is the specially designed home decoration and decoration system with vibrant, cute and good-looking colors. The feeling of having yourself a virtual family living, giving birth from generation to generation must be said to be really extremely interesting.
Besides single player mode, The Sims Mobile also knows how to entice players when integrating online play. It allows you to freely interact, communicate and make friends with other gamers around the world.

Features of The Sims™ Mobile

- Customize different Sim characters, shape them with lots of stylish outfits.
- For the characters to interact with each other, love each other, get married and have children.
- Experience every moment of life from childhood to adulthood.

- Build your dream home and decorate it with thousands of different items.
- Complete quests to unlock new locations in the town.
- Take care of the pet.
- Write your own Sim community story and play the game as you like.

How to play The Sims™ Mobile

Players are tasked with building houses, controlling virtual characters called Sims to satisfy their needs and desires, helping them perform various actions to earn Simoleon, LifeStyle Point, Social Point