The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins is a scary puzzle game that brings lots of interesting and fascinating things to the player. There are countless creative, unique puzzles and a haunting atmosphere that will captivate your thinking mind. The task of the player in the adventure game The Room: Old Sins is to discover a giant house that is exquisitely designed, contains a lot of details and installs many mysterious clues. Although not funny, The Room: Old Sins is an entertaining game that will not be inferior to any puzzle game when players will need to use almost all their smart skills to have The easiest way out of the room.

From British independent developer Fireproof Games, best known for The Room series, The Room: Old Sins is part 4 of this award-winning mystery series. The game will lead players into another mysterious adventure equally thrilling and scary. lots of details and "plugins" many mysterious clues. The game will bring suspense and authenticity thanks to the beautiful graphics like a picture.

Features OF The Room: Old Sins

- Endless puzzle box: Here players will explore an extremely complex doll house and take you into a beautiful new environment.

- Intuitive design, easy to understand: The game will attract you right from the first moment and make it very difficult to put down to stop playing because of its fun. The game is a unique combination of difficult puzzles with a simple but attractive interface.

- Intuitive touch controls: With simple actions such as simple touch and touch, players can almost feel the surface of each object and master the board.

- Expanding position: The environment in the game is expanded to many different locations. Each place is packed with important details and clues.

- Haunting background music: Possessing haunting background music combined with vivid sound effects to create an atmosphere of scary, extremely realistic ghosts along with players will feel the most realistic atmosphere as well like the feeling of "brain damage" that the game brings.

- Zoom in details: Use the magnifying glass to zoom in and explore many small details.

- Cloud storage support: Share your play progress with multiple devices and unlock useful rewards.

- Multilingual support interface: The game is available in multiple languages such as English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

How to play The Room: Old Sins GAME

In the game, players will solve difficult puzzles with a complete 3D interface and players will solve challenges immediately by collecting enough evidence and unlocking mechanisms. In addition, the game also applies very well to the touch screen technology of smartphones, requiring players to perform many complex interactive operations, helping to bring a special control experience, unable to see. see in console or PC platform.