The room 3

The Room 3 - the back of the famous puzzle game series with extremely addictive ability, has officially brought storm to the Mobile platform.

The development of Game Mobile not only sparked the role-playing games and shooters with the top notch graphics, but also paved the way for countless strange and prolific names. They did not bring the screen of swords and guns with fire smoke flooding the screen, so that it still easily cut the hearts of gamers.

The game takes players on a mysterious journey, following the bizarre traces to a castle but not a single human shadow. No one knows this place is a maze filled with weird machines, mysterious technologies created by a mask of the face called "Craftsman". Why are you here? Where are the puzzles and the machines going? And above all, what is a Craftsman's ploy? All are waiting for you to flip the curtain and find the answer.

As mentioned, The Room 3 takes players to extremely challenging brain games with dangerous levelsHigh, while still ensuring logic and high science to avoid inhibiting gamers. Along with the challenging challenge, the game is also surrounded by a cold atmosphere full of mysteries, like raising something that is silently watching each player's steps .. With the game, you will receive the diversity is the main element that helps The Room Three to blend in anyone. In that place gamers get acquainted with countless puzzles according to different schools, as numbers are just a common puzzle, number requires the ability to observe before the light reflection, the number requires decoding with ancient characters ... all rotate from easy to difficult with abundance near the like unlimited. Although the challenge is not small, it is this diversity that helps players bring the desire to go deeper into the game .. continue to dig their minds to find the final solution.

The graphic style is also a strong highlight of The Room Three when bringing players to one The classic, ancient space of a world has retreated into the distant past. But above all, the game impresses our eyes with a bizarre combination, between one side bearing excretory patterns from the 19th century, the other points to the endless range of machines, technology far beyond Future. The new, real, and imaginative interference that directly strikes the player's curiosity adds to the already captivating gameplay of The Room Three