The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is an exciting treasure hunting game. Join the game you will have to drive a ship, compete for the treasure in the heart of the Caribbean in the age of pirates - that's when black flags and white skulls are dominating the ocean world. Players can command various ships during this period through pirate attacks and piracy activities, smuggling, trading booty, keeping towns to ransom, digging treasures. buried, etc.

Although pirates are terrified of seafarers, the freedom and generosity in their lives, unsolved mysteries have become an endless topic for comic authors and houses. filmmakers and game developers too.

Features of The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

- Commanding hundreds of ships.

- Fight your way through dozens of unique missions.

- Catch ships to loot them and entice their crew to join you.

- Build and maintain your own settlements.

- Trading in goods at the port and smuggling them.

- 16 ship classes

- No size limit

- Many ships to control during the battle

- Turn the ship into a fortress fighting heavy mortars

- 5 types of ammunition: artillery shells, chain bullets, submunitions

- Special weapons: Explosive barrels, burning oil, heavy wooden slabs to destroy the city, attacks preparing to seize ships

- 30 levels to upgrade ships

- Develop characters, gain experience points to level up

- 20 captain skills

- Unlock new game capabilities and features

- Boat model, distance and actual time elapsed

- Hundreds of big and small islands, dozens of seaports

- Cycle day and night

- Construction works and upgrades

- Many players organize bases

- Unlimited number of battles at sea by merchant ships, smugglers, military convoys, treasure ships, pirate warships or escort ships

- Set up a story based campaign in the real world

- Build a reputation in 5 different countries

How to play The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt game

To control the train you can click on the corresponding icons on the screen or use the keyboard keys, specifically:

- F1: View ship information

- F2: Ship management

- F3: Buy and sell goods

- F4: Show map

- Q: Transfer to the next train

- F: Turn on or off the binoculars

- P: Stop the train

- B: Throw the barrel

- A: Turn left

- D: Turn right

- W: Move forward