Textra SMS

Textra SMS is the type of Android application that you come across, which is exactly what you want it to do in the correct way: texting.

Designed to blow away your default messaging app instantly, Textra SMS adds +800 different emoticons and a neat drop-down text box to reply to messages directly from your notification bar. friend.

Features of Textra SMS

Comes with a host of great features, notably over 180 material design themes, bubble icon colors & apps. Dark, light and auto night modes, multiple bubble types, scheduled SMS & MMS (future), stop-in-send, swipe-to-delete, swipe-to-call, snapshot-camera, multi-selection photo gallery , pop up quick reply SMS, great MMS Group messaging, quick voice memo, GIF, 21 text sizes, message block / blacklist, pin-to-top, video compression & automatic picture , plus more!

How to play Textra SMS game

- Quick reply is included in Textra's function. When you have a new text notification, tapping on the alert opens a quick reply prompt that shows you a small chunk of your conversation and the full keyboard.

- Touching the contact photo in the upper right corner will open their contact card with the option to make a call or go to their contact entry in your phone contacts.

- Ability to swipe conversations left or right for more actions. Swiping to the left will show the trash icon to delete the thread, and swiping to the right will display the phone icon to allow you to make calls directly from the conversation list. The graphics look great and the integration is fantastic.

- The ability to schedule a text message to go out at a specific time is super convenient. Whether you want to be the first to congratulate a friend's birthday at 12:01 on their special day, or you don't want to risk waking someone up with an early-morning text message, scheduling texting will sort out Remove human error related to remembering to return to your SMS application to send important information.

- Clicking the plus sign above the keyboard opens countless options. Here, you can choose emoticons, take photos directly from the app, browse your gallery to choose photos to send to friends, delay messaging time, share contact cards or find gif to send to a friend. Yes, Textra supports finding and sending gifs through giphy.

- Similar to email, you can add a message at the end of all your text. Called a signature, it will be automatically added to each message you send. This feature is available in the Textra application. You can also create multiple signatures in Textra.

- Textra application allows you to share the entire chat thread as a text file. Thanks to the multi-selection feature, you can select and share multiple individual messages from a thread. You can share the file via email or through any other application like WhatsApp.