Text Me

Text Me helps people connect closer together through unlimited text messages, calls, and video calls. Text, call anyone in the world even if they don't use the app.

Features of Text Me

Free messaging and calling apps with members of the app or a direct phone number. You can make phone calls, text your friends, relatives, colleagues, send text messages, photos, audio and video files and more. Everything sent in the conversation is easily reviewed at that time or you can easily review it at any time.

You can send text messages, images, sounds, send documents, videos, and interesting icons, share your location in one click to your friends with just a few clicks. Same simple and fast.

Conversations are saved and only disappear when you delete them.

The app creates a vast community network and is a safe, bustling safe space with thousands of lovers, joining conversations with relatives, friends and even new friends you've never seen before. meeting. You can exchange and express your personal views with people.

You can create an international number when you travel or chat with friends abroad.

Join your friends on TextMe and enjoy free calls and group chats on all devices.

You can create private or group conversations you want, each group includes many members and you can add members to the group or let them leave the group, you can leave the group at any time... Creating groups makes it easy to connect with family and colleagues to exchange information and share documents.

The application is compatible with most Android and IOS devices and has the feature of syncing between devices so that when switching between these devices, your chat messages, as well as documents or images, will remain saved.

It's free and integrates many different languages, so it's easy to connect with all your friends from around the world with a very simple operation. It is a free app so there will appear some annoying ads, you just need to wait a few seconds to run them and then turn off and then continue to watch.

The application is highly secure, all users' personal information is confidential and not published without their permission.

This is a very convenient application that allows chatting on the application and allows chatting on the phone number. Therefore it has been used by a lot of people at work as well as in everyday life.

Regardless of the application, there are inevitable shortcomings, so if you have any questions or feedback about this application, please contact the manufacturer directly so that they can fix it. Additional modifications make the application even better.