Temple Run 3

Game Temple Run 3 is developed in the style of action adventure endless running style. This is the successor to Temple Run 2 with many improvements in image, gameplay as well as content. Launched quite a long time but Temple Run 3 is still one of the best running games for mobile.

The plot in Temple Run 3 has not changed. You will play the role of an ancient tomb explorer with the mission to steal the mascot at the mysterious temple. After getting the mascot, keep the character running forward, dodging obstacles, collecting gold and auxiliary, especially without making any mistakes otherwise the giant monster follows Your back will immediately rejuvenate you.

Characters will run automatically, your job is just to control him or her jumping, changing lanes, crossing slots, driving wagons in the mines, swimming underwater ... With Temple Run 3 you will have the experience. It's very comfortable with the jump over the head, slide to go through obstacles, swing ... extremely spectacular. In addition, please work hard to pick up coins and upgrade skills as well as buy items to improve achievement through the game.

FEATURES of Temple Run 3

- Run-style gameplay to live

- Nice and modern graphics

- Highly interactive gaming environment and constantly changing to avoid boredom

- Face new obstacles

- Collect gold and supplements on the run

- Complete achievements to receive rewards

- Each character will have its own strengths

- Deal with giant monster behind

How to play Temple Run 3 game

Controls in Temple Run 3 are very simple, players only need to tilt their phone to move horizontally and collect coins, swipe up to jump and swipe down to slide. To change directions to the left or to the right, swipe in that direction. If you've played the previous Temple Run, then playing Temple Run 3 is easy.

There were a few problems discovered during playing Temple Run 3 that sometimes when jumping or sliding, the game was out of control causing the character to crash into a tree or a wall. Other times, it has an incorrect navigation, the image has a delay. This can be annoying especially when you have progressed to a level.

Compared to its predecessor, the game Temple Run 3 does not have too much difference in terms of control and main content. Instead, there are new obstacles like rope swings, mines' paths, sudden turns, waterfalls or bonfires. The game also adds many new power-ups. Players can continue the journey by using the blue jewel collected on the run or buy online. The game is placed in a new playing environment and the character also runs faster. If the first version was 3 monkeys chasing you, now there is only one giant called Cuchanck. Only 1 small mistake, you will have to pause the adventure and start from the starting line!

Temple Run 3 does not have any level so players can download Temple Run 3 and play anytime anywhere. The game speed will increase dramatically, so to score high scores in Temple Run 2 requires players to be very focused, agile, skillful and highly adaptable.