Telegram X

Telegram X is a chat application through messaging, voice calling, video calling. Thanks to this application, people can easily connect with each other, chatting with relatives, friends or even strangers.

Features of Telegram X

Application for users to message through friends list or make friends with strangers. Send text messages, images, videos, text files, emoticons, voice recordings, songs, documents and web images ... Albums and many forwarded messages are shown below in the form of a notification.

You can share your location with anyone so they know where you are. This will be great for finding someone when you meet, or more secure when you get home.

Make private or group voice or video calls. You can easily create groups with different topics, groups of friends, groups of friends, groups of colleagues ... easily add or remove group members or leave the group whenever you want.

Users easily keep the history of conversations and contacts and review them on other devices. The application is compatible with most devices, it is designed to work on even the weakest mobile connections, so your conversations are not interrupted and fast.

You can preview the list of chat messages, resend failure messages along with many new features that have been prepared for the next update.

The application has a simple interface for chats while adding a new tab to make calls to its home screen. You can make your settings options, display night mode and bubble chatbox options.

The application is very secure, all your private messages are kept confidential. You have control over your messages even after they are sent.

To install and use, you need to allow the application to access the device, but it will not harm your device nor steal data.

The application supports multiple languages ​​to help you easily chat with members from different countries.

The app is really fun, so you can make friends from all over the world or have fun chatting, meeting interesting friends. The usefulness of the application, it has been used by many users around the world.

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Talking to strangers at this app is beneficial for you but it also brings many negative aspects if you are not smart and not alert enough. Many bad guys use this app to make friends and harm others, for example, to seduce young people in bad ways and to do things that are inappropriate for them.