TeamViewer is one of the best free remote control applications available today and is widely used in the world. Teamviewer is a software used to connect two or more computers together, helping you to be more convenient in the process of controlling other computers, sending files, videos, chats ... To connect to your computer, Someone else's computer must have an ID, a password, and must open the Teamviewer application. Therefore, access without permission is very unlikely.

TeamViewer has been voted one of the most popular free remote control access programs. It is very difficult to find similar features in other products. Teamviewer is very easy to use, the application can work on most technological devices. Users can download and use TeamViewer on Windows, Mac, Linux or on mobile devices.

Outstanding points of Teamviewer application
- Multidimensional connection
You can connect a lot of computers together, maybe between a computer and a computer or smartphone to a computer or even from a smartphone smartphone that supports Windows, iOS, Android ...
- There is maximum compatibility
TeamViewer can work on many different operating systems, from the latest operating system to the old operating system. Besides, this application is started quickly, runs behind the firewall and auto when encountering proxy configuration.
- Interface and performance

Teamviewer's interface is arranged in a scientific way, easy to understand and easy to use. This is suitable for those who have not been exposed to Teamviewer before and can use it conveniently and quickly. The application was developed with extremely accurate connectivity and routing features, reasonable bandwidth usage, high information transmission speed, enabling users to use the most effective way.
- Security
Teamviewer is used to exchange public or private keys, encrypt ASE session sessions, passwords for any one-time Login to the two-factor authentication option and monitor logins via secure computers. Therefore, teamviewer users can always be assured of security issues."