With the arrival of Uber and Cabify, more and more transportation network companies have begun to compete with traditional taxis. Through these services, anyone who meets the conditions can become a driver and transport passengers from one place to another.

This is what the Taximeter app does. With an intuitive interface and your car and smartphone, this app can help you become a taxi driver. Not only that, but the taximeter also has a map system that can identify areas with high taxi demand.


Features of Taximeter

1. Charge from a distance

2. Charges for waiting

3. Price list

4. No internet required

5. Easy to operate

6. Print the invoice

7. Electronic invoices, SMS invoices

8. List of previous trips

9. Travel summary

10. Tax calculation

11. Connect with customer applications

12. Security key with the password.

How to use Taximeter

Put your phone on the taxi dashboard.

Open the app and it will ask for GPS location activation.

Click OK to continue.

When a good GPS signal is received, the odometer start button is activated.

Press the start button to start the clock.

Press the "Finish" button to stop the clock.

You can pause or resume the clock if needed.

You can see the total fare, distance, time, and clock status on the screen.

There are four buttons at the bottom of the screen. These are the "print" button, the "history" button, the "change speed" button and the "setting" button.
Under "Settings" you can adjust the currency, color theme, print settings, and charging speed according to your region.