Tasker lets you automate almost everything on your phone. Make the following settings to automate 8 tasks of an Android phone.

Tasker is basically a principle-based application that allows you to create different job profiles to perform certain actions automatically when you are triggered by certain events, with no input. request from your side. Tasker can detect when you are at home, manually activate or disable certain settings on your phone for optimal use in that environment. It can launch applications automatically and perform the work of the applications you have installed. The benefits of Tasker are immense.

How to use tasker app

We're creating the event that needs to happen when the headset is plugged in, so choose State> Hardware> Headset Plugged.

After selecting your context, you will be able to customize it further. Here, we have a number of options to choose from such as Type (choose headphone type, mic or not), Invert (will create the context that happens when you unplug the headphone jack). This shows how flexible Tasker is: the default settings indicate the profile to occur whenever a headset is plugged in, but we can also easily refine and create a scene that only happens. when unplugging the headphones with the integrated microphone.
After finishing customizing these settings, touch the Back button in the upper left corner of the screen.

You have now set the context. Tasker will allow you to select a task - tap New Task to create a new task and associate it with the context. You will be asked to provide a name for your assignment.

Touch the + button on the next screen to add action. Simple tasks may only have a single action, while more complex tasks may involve multiple actions.

Here we want to open the application, so select App> Load App and then select your favorite music player.

Depending on the selected action, you will see additional options that can be customized. There is no need to customize any settings here, so we just need to touch the Back button in the upper left corner of the screen to continue.

Now we have a simple task, to perform a single action. You can add additional actions and Tasker will execute them in order - you can even add a Wait action to force Tasker to wait before performing the next action in the list.