Taps To Riches

Taps to Riches is a city-building simulation game in which you have to try to build your city and empire. The game will take you to a small city to start the journey to become a successful entrepreneur through the construction of business buildings here.

Game Taps to Riches is suitable for those who love the business and the life simulation game series. Initially when things came here were very simple, let's start with a small business shop. Game Taps to Riches click-and-click mechanics to collect gold coins like virtual money mining work.

The plot of the game Taps to Riches is extremely simple. You will play the role of a notorious criminal who was released from prison. Now you have bailed and own a private piece of land to start a business. You can build anything for business and collect money. And you can use them to build other stores to make more profits or remodel, upgrade your store so that you can attract more customers.

The system has already proposed business items to make it easy to profit such as groceries, food, banks, cafes, etc. You will use your capital to build stores to do business with the purpose. Become the richest man in the world. Of course, as a boss, you can make a profit even in your idle time, your job is to review, invest more, upgrade stores and collect money. The game also has many other extremely attractive features waiting for you to discover.

The gameplay of this game is as simple as its storyline. It is a simulation game, the game style "Tap". This means that you just need to touch the screen repeatedly to increase the rate of profit for yourself.

With each additional construction will bring you a lot of income, after which the player will reinvest to build more new works to earn more profits. The construction of additional high-rise buildings, parks, entertainment areas and trade centers will be planned in the individual way of each player.

Just like in a real-world business, the more money we invest, the more we can make it easier. Profits will continue to cycle, the city has since become rich and beautiful. You will become the richest person in the city as a businessman with many contributions to the construction and development here.

Each player has a different way to build a city, after achieving a certain number of welfare works will start to be unlocked, the higher the satisfaction level of the lives of the people. The street is on the right track and players' monetization is also more efficient due to proper construction, meeting the needs of everyone.


- Expand the city to turn this place into your own empire with many unique challenges.

- Discover new lands: Starting as dry, barren land, like a dead city. You will slowly cause it to become a busy commercial area, practicing bustling people in and out.

- Collection of advisors: you can collect a team of three advisors to help you run a busy commercial area. And if you invite a team of high-quality professionals, your company will operate efficiently and profitably. They are also experienced business people, so you do not need to worry when handing over the work to them.

- Play with friends: This is an indispensable feature for Taps to Riches. In the beginning, you will probably get a little difficult, but playing with friends gives you some benefits. Everyone can help each other. Not only that but there are countless other features for you to interact with friends and realize your dreams together.

- Many constructions with high bonus values.

- Collecting gold coins is like digging a virtual currency to collect valuable resources for each click.

- Buy and upgrade businesses to turn them into unique buildings.

- Receive bonuses and conquer new achievements.

Taps to Riches is an extremely attractive simulation game for business players. In the game, you have the opportunity to own a company, learn how to run it to make a profit. If you go bankrupt, don't worry. This is just a game, you can completely start from the beginning. When you close the game, your company continues to operate. Profits will be transferred to your account when you return the next morning.