Tapping is an application that helps you automatically click/tap your phone wherever you place the screen. This application requires no root access.

Features of Tapping

The app allows users to set and configure auto-tapping on their smartphone, tablet or mobile device screens. You can easily use this application, automatically click, add any point on the screen with the control panel, press the floating board to start/end the click automatically. This helps you enjoy the benefits of multiple taps without having to manually touch the screen. It is very useful when you play a game that requires repeated exploitation to progress to a new level. Using the application helps you save time and exploitation.

If you're a fan of mobile games, you know how to emphasize it accurately and quickly. Many games require repeated exploitation to play and that can get tiring. With this app, you can configure and set your screen tap so you don't have to touch it yourself. Just set the target where you want to press multiple times and you will see the results for yourself.

Set up multiple click points to experience repeated taping at different locations on your screen and change their speed in the way that best suits the game. Changing the order is easy with the floating panel.

When you no longer use the app, you can save your click location with App Activity.

This is a quick clicker application, great help for idle games, clicking on games, tapping will automatically stop clicking if you change the workbook window.

When you use this application, you need to give it access to the device, which will then change the device system.

This app contains ads, will only be activated when the floating window is closed and no ads are made while clicking.

This is an Android Tools application created by XIAOYANG that you can install on your Android device in a fun way and has the feature to synchronize between devices so that when switching between devices.

This application is very safe, all personal information of users is kept confidential, you do not worry about personal data will be a virus, shared with third parties.

Regardless of the application, there are inevitable shortcomings, so you have any questions or feedback about this application, please contact the manufacturer directly so they can fix it. Additional modifications make the application even better.

To install and use this application, you absolutely do not need to unlock or root your device, which is really good because rooting or unlocking will change the device's operating system, causing the device to be lost. guarantee. of the manufacturer.