Tap Tycoon

Money never falls from the sky - that saying is certainly not applicable to this bizarre Tap Tycoon game.

In the mobile gaming market today, the simulation genre is so familiar to everyone, they almost include everything, but sometimes there are some exceptions and Tap Tycoon is one of there.

Coming from Game Hive Corporation, a manufacturer well known for the unique series Beat the Boss, Tap Tycoon is their latest product with the theme of economic management. This is a bright choice for those who love the genre but in a very ... monstrous way of their own.

The context of Tap Tycoon seems very similar to the dreams of lazy people - including you, when money can ... fall from the sky like rain. To be more specific, you will play the role of an economic manager of a country, with the task of planting gold and silver from the heavenly money for it as quickly as possible.

Tap Tycoon attracts players very quickly when you have to constantly touch to make money, dozens of green sheets keep falling like a waterfall, and the representatives in the game keep running and jumping to insert them in. Bag like a greedy squirrel. The more you touch, the more and more falling money, pushing the pace of the game to the maximum extent possible.

Of course, Tap Tycoon offers us a whole host of entertainment facilities and services from restaurants, parks, movie theaters, real estate stores, Tap Tycoon. export electronics, etc. to amplify gains for hours. Money "fish" from the sky will quickly pour into these things, thereby lucrative and multiplied several hundred times, all to satisfy your bottomless greed when mastering the Things that normally never have.

The process of the game is very simple when your task is to touch the money, upgrade the maximum works and let them spawn more money. They are like an infinite loop when players keep flooding their heads in money, then burn it all to make more money. Unlike other games, the numbers in Tap Tycoon are often up to trillions of millions or equivalent, you will feel like you really see money as rubbish after a few minutes of touching the game.

Image and sound in Tap Tycoon only stop at an average level, but its excellent gameplay is enough to criticize this point. Anyway, to make a game for you to make money like robbery in this era is not easy.

Tap Tycoon is a very unique game, addictive and makes many people illusion of strength. Overall this is a strange dish in the category of simulation games, suitable for entertaining when you have free time or want to try the feeling of becoming a billionaire in the virtual world.