Tap Titans

In the world where the Titans are dominating, what will you do to destroy them and return peace and order to society? Tap Titans action game is an opportunity for players to play monsters fighting style touch and touch non-stop. The game requires agility and ability to concentrate, observe very well of the player.

Tap Titans for Android is developed in the style of 1 touch - a familiar tap on mobile. Players will touch to attack, touch to strike, collect gold, even hire more warriors to support themselves in tough battles. Touch also helps you activate special combat skills, unlock powerful abilities or recruit paranormal items.

Do not forget to touch to explore the beautiful worlds in the game, meet fairies - who will help you use magic in combat, rescue heroes or touches to collect valuable treasures.

If you think the one-touch play style in Tap Titans game for iOS is quite boring, you are wrong. Although the control is quite simple, just touch the screen to activate all the features and fight, but the battles in the game are not inferior to any classic monster fighting role-playing game. Players will experience Tap Titans on the vertical screen, fighting against each monster and with the help of many minions on both sides.

In Tap Titans, you will have to fight giant monsters and an attack is never enough for them. Use weapons of destruction, accurate and continuous blow to knock down the enemy. If they are huge monsters and still have not defeated, do not worry, auxiliary warriors are always ready to help you defeat monsters when needed. Players should note that, in addition to upgrading the main character that you play, take care of the minions because with this type of team fighting, balancing the forces is the key to success.

FEATURES of Tap Titans

- Hire 30 cartoon heroes to help complete the journey

- Defeat 60 unique types of monsters with strong destructive power

- Explore 10 beautiful landscapes completely handmade

- Increase credibility to open a new world, collect monuments, use them to buy rare treasures

- Summon 30 powerful treasures to equip your hero with special abilities.

Game Tap Titans for iOS possesses hand-drawn graphics in a beautiful cartoon style. In the fighting phase, the effect of the blow is handled quite well, creating drama and appeal for each kick. Shaping characters, minions, mascots, weapons ... All carefully cared to create the best visual effect for the player. Tap Titans is a good choice if you want to experience the one tap game series with rich storyline and gameplay and a huge system of items. You can download Tap Titans and experience it for free on Android and iOS.