Tap Tap Dash

Tap Tap Dash apk is such an addicting game, what you need to do is just tap to jump at the right time, the cute bird will live much longer. The arrows are tips for the jump. The speed your bird running will be faster and faster as time goes by, so focus on the road, or your bird will crash and die. Try to create a new high score and show it to your friends, have a good time! This is an interesting jump game that needs your reaction ability. You need to tap to make your cute character stay alive. Can you create a new score? In this game, you just need to tap and the bird will jump to the further place. Call your friends and family to play this game and show them your best score, you will be addicted in this game once you start to play it.

Just like most cool touchscreen game breakthroughs, Tap Tap Dash really gets its shine from the game design. In this game, the stages are made from a combination of 90 degree turns and large gaps you’ll need to jump over. Before each turn or gap, there is a green indicator marking when to tap on the screen. With this system, the user can tap through every stage of the game all singlehandedly!

With our description so far, you may think that this game is actually fairly easy if so, you couldn’t be more mistaken… With each tap of the screen, your player will instantly obey your command, meaning if you constantly tap 0.1 seconds early, your player will gradually grow closer and closer to one side of the screen until you eventually fall off the edge! In a sense, this is a game where you can never get away from your past mistakes!

FEATURES of Tap Tap Dash

- Tap to jump or dash changing direction following the rhythm of the musical soundtrack

- Balance your runner on the line jump

- Don’t fall off the line jump

HOW TO PLAY Tap Tap Dash game

- Click or tap at the correct time to jump and change directions.

- While running and tapping to jump (like jumping games) on the dash line jump in the tap dash world, you need to feel the rhythm of the musical soundtrack. Like other addicting games, Tap Tap Dash game can be run smoothly by quick reaction and good vibes for music, requiring players to dash and tap in time while maintaining their thrilling speed to dash on the line jump in the tap dash world.

Are you ready for the new version of addicting games and the worlds hardest game like this?
Good luck!