Tank Stars

Tank Stars apk is one of the hottest shooting simulation games today. Back to Tank Stars, this is a game that allows players to control their tanks to participate in the battle of fire, destroy all on the road. Epic tank duels are really addictive. Challenge your friends and dominate the battlefield!

Tanks at your fingertips. Choose a weapon – a simple missile to an atomic bomb and find the right shooting angle and destroy your opponents. This is one of our favorite mobile action games that we have to play. Simply click the big play button to start having fun. In this game, your goal is to defeat the enemy tank before it defeats yours.

During your turn, you can move your tank around as long as you have fuel, aim your cannon, and shoot. The first player to reduce the opponent's HP to zero wins the game.

Initially when you enter the game Tank Stars you will be started the fight as soon as you enter the game but you will be taught how to play up, please rest assured, with extremely simple gameplay. The game has turn-based gameplay, that is, you have finished shooting the enemy to shoot you back, if you are a good gunner then you will definitely like this game, you can be destroyed up, destroy the enemy. Please hurry. Not only can you fire normal bullets, you can activate rocket bullets to attack, but you can only use 1 up to use them when needed because this bullet has greater damage than normal. There are 2 game modes for you, offline and Online each mode brings a lot of interesting things I will introduce below for you to better understand.

In Tank Stars, you'll find over a dozen different weapons, some more useful for long distances, and others are better for short distances. You can use nuclear bombs, guided missiles, shotguns, napalm, ice missiles, and much more. Also, with the money you earn, you can level up each one of your weapons.

Features of Tank Stars

- Offline mode: In this mode you will fight with tanks controlled by the machine, do not expect the machine to be eaten, because they have the ability to shoot more accurately than many other online players, you have to shoot It's true if you don't want to lose, the offline mode also helps you practice your shooting skills.

- Online mode: Once you have mastered shooting skills you can enter online mode, here you will fight online players, players who are in all over the world, beat them all to climb up Ranking offline. You can make new friends and together it is better to see who can shoot.

- Diverse arsenal with many different types of ammo firing extremely interesting, along with unlocking the terrible tanks will own many types of bullets such as missiles, bombs, ice bullets, nuclear bombs ... certainly you will be satisfied.

- 2D graphics with vivid sound creates an extremely vivid game.

How to play Tank Stars game

- The gameplay in Tank Stars is simple. On each turn, you can move a short distance, depending on your tank's fuel level. You use your right thumb to aim your cannon and choose the type of weapon you want to use.

- Click or tap to shoot

If you are a player who likes the type of coordinates shooter, then come to Tank Stars will bring you great entertainment moments.