Traffic, rising prices in public transport, unreliable services and vehicles, and the number of people using them may be too much for you when you intend to travel during the day. Swvl hopes to solve your traffic woes by highlighting the alternatives for on-demand transportation that may not be predictable when you use them. You can ride in traffic that is clean, safe, comfortable and even reliable. Fares are fixed and about 70% cheaper than shipping on demand as there is no spike in prices.

Swvl is an alternative to public transport in Cairo, Alexandria, Nairobi, and Lahore, offering you high-quality trips with fixed routes, times, and prices. If you need to go to work or school, Swvl is your best option. No more driving in traffic congestion, wasting time finding a parking spot or booking a car at an unacceptable price, as long as we drive for you and save you time, money, and comfortable every day.

Swvl is a revolutionary idea born of passion, loyalty, and perseverance to face every challenge on the table, Swvl is not only a means to facilitate travel, but also yearning to strive for solutions, encourage youth's contribution to innovation and inspire change.

Features of swvl

- Cheap and available: Provides 80% lower price than Taxi and other car booking services. No matter the availability of car reservations for any other private tours. You can easily book a luxury trip at a cheap price.

-Comfortable: Our buses and trucks are well maintained and equipped with comfortable seating arrangements to suit your preferences.

- Quality and security of swvl: We have professionally trained drivers and all our trips are tracked by a navigation system (GPS), which helps your trip. Safe and smooth to the destination, so you feel fresh and good. All trucks and buses are extremely neat, air-conditioned, and checked regularly.

- Punctuality: All times can be tracked through our swvl app so you arrive on time.

- Time and customer support: The appropriate routes are determined so you can reach your destination on time. And you can get the best and quick response upon contact.

How to use swvl:

The swvl application is an easy to use application. After downloading and opening the app, you can now completely pick and drop locations, which will display the different swvl stations closest to your location. Buses come at different times and you can choose the time that best suits you.