Survivalcraft 2

Survivalcraft 2 is a survival building game with a gameplay quite similar to the divine survival game Minecraft. Game Survivalcraft 2 will bring you an open world with equally large squares. After the success of Survivalcraft game publisher Candy Rufus Games has continued to release Survivalcraft 2 with many improvements in gameplay and graphics promising to bring many attractive to players. Download Survivalcraft 2 game to start building your own world.

In the action adventure game combining construction and survival Survivalcraft 2, players will be left on the coast of an endless cube world. In this place, players will have to explore, exploit resources, create tools, weapons, create traps and plant trees.

Just like the games that take the survival content on a deserted island, Survivalcraft 2 also takes players to a distant land, green plants, juicy fruits. Here, players begin the journey to explore alone, or make friends to explore the two islands that appear in the game.

Players will also have to perform familiar tasks to earn a living, living on the island by earning materials to build houses, castles, hunting wildlife, exploring, collecting a variety of materials. rare on the island, preserving for their daily living on deserted islands.

One difference in Survival Craft 2 is that players can attack other people's islands and start real battles with fast rhythms. With attractive real-time combat, players can also gather into a team, party with their friends to join together on an adventure with many surprises waiting.

FEATURES of Survivalcraft 2

- The endless cube world can be destroyed

- Design your own furniture

- Includes plunger

- More than 30 animals

- Riding donkeys, camels and horses

- The lively world has cycles of day and night, waves and interesting physics

- Circuit and logic gates allow players to create their own games

- There are fire, explosives, water and magma

- Realistic survival simulation

- Download furniture, maps, and many skins created by the gaming community

- More than 300 costume items affect appearance and survival

- There are deserts, rainforests, plains, snow, oceans, lakes, swamps and many islands

- Fabrication and smelting

HOW TO PLAY Survivalcraft 2 game

You can use mouse or keybroad to play gam