Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator is an extremely funny operating simulation game, which became Dr. Burke, a surgeon with less than usual toolkit, when he performed the procedure for the patient, nobody other than Donald Trump, himself! ... is that a hammer

The highest-rated, one-handed, clumsy, clumsy surgery simulation game has appeared on PS4! The player uses his controller to operate one of Doctor Nigel Burke's waving arms.

Nigel's surgical adventure will take him through more than 20 surgeries and on 5 different locations, including completely new Eye and Tooth surgery. We have also added 56 titles for you to collect and admire.

Join the ranks of more than three million players who stole Bob to entertain 250 million people who have seen failed surgeries on YouTube, now from the comfort of your great iPhone / iPad anytime, anywhere place. Hospitals are nothing better than this, really.

An original version of Surgeon Simulator 2013 was created for Global Game Jam, in which the team had 48 hours to make the game. The team was inspired by the Jurassic Park: Trespasser game for the control scheme, which also appears because jammed teams will earn bonus points if a game uses ten buttons on the keyboard. The team initially wanted to assign one finger to each button, but soon realized that this was impractical and instead restricted this type of control to one hand with the other hand controlled by the mouse.

Features OF Surgeon Simulator

- Moreover we will not tell you so we do not ruin the surprise;

- Six transplants for alien examinations, parts of your body that you have never heard of (and will almost be unable to pronounce);

- Reliable heart transplant and kidney transplant;

- Multiplayer. Let your friends are bosses. It was a good day to save lives.

- Two new surgeries: Give Bob a smile with Tooth implants and a great look with Eye Transplant.

- Completely new control system: go is Nigel's left arm, which is your nimble fingers;

- Feeling Lucky? Give up the Campaign Theater and try yourself with a moving cart in a hospital corridor;

- More than 50 new achievements to unlock and prove you rule;

How to play Surgeon Simulator GAME

Surgeon Simulator apk is played in first person view. Mouse movement is used to control the movement of the player's hand. By holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse, the player can turn his hand. The left mouse button is used to lower the hand. By default, the A, W, E, R and spacebar keys are used to control the respective digits individually to capture items. The game consists of players attempting to perform various surgical procedures, such as a heart transplant. Many additional modes are available after completing the first operations, such as performing an operation while in an ambulance, where surgical instruments bounce around randomly and operate in an Space with zero-g environment makes all instruments floating freely.