Summertime Saga Guide is a very interesting visual novel game of the publisher Kompas. This game works like a simulation game, where you can explore the life of a teenage boy studying in high school. Unbeknownst to this guy, a lot of interesting activities and events will occur in this turbulent summer. Like Fap CEO, the game has some NSFW scenes, which require you to be 18 years of age or older.

Summertime Saga story tells a guy in high school. His father married another wife, so he has a stepmother (Debbie) and an step-sister (Jenny). When his father died, he had to move to a suburban area to live with his stepmother. His father owed a large sum of money to a mysterious gangster, he had to find a way to make money to pay for college tuition and the money his father owed.

Although the story of the game is related to gangsters and gangs, you do not need to fight or participate in gun battles like Grand Theft Auto. You are just a normal guy with a normal life like all other high school students in town. A normal life does not mean that it is boring. There are many challenges and difficulties that arise every day, you need to calmly face and find ways to overcome.

Summertime Saga game owns 65 characters and 30 locations in town. With visual novel gameplay, you need to make conversations with the characters that appear in your life every day. They bring you information, requirements that you must fulfill. When you complete the assigned tasks, you will receive valuable items and a money to help you pay for life.

After the story introduction, in the first scene, you wake up in your room. The room consists of a broken computer, a telescope, a bed and some other items. When you open the door, you meet your stepmother, Jenny. She always looks uncomfortable and often calls you a loser. After a few conversations, you meet your stepmother on the ground floor. She suggests you a part-time job for the summer break, which is to take care of the garden for Erik's family - his classmate.

The map icon in the upper left corner of your screen helps you get to places in town quickly. After clearing the Erik's lawn, you and he will go to school. Principal Smith invites you to meet her and show you his transcript. Your score is too low and misses most subjects. If you want to graduate, you need to quickly take part in courses to improve your score.

From there, a series of extremely interesting stories will occur. You cannot foresee everything. In particular, the main character of Summertime Saga is a pretty lucky guy. Wherever he goes, he meets beautiful and hot girls. They are great friends on this summer vacation.

Summertime Saga apk has two main modes, Clean and Cheated. In Clean mode, you need to complete each story that the game requires. Complete each conversation and help the protagonist solve each trouble in his life. One thing you should remember, regularly listen and remember conversations. Maybe that will help you find what you need faster.

Besides, the Cheated mode works like a MOD version. This mode supports you to automatically select and skip features. At the same time, the game also gives you a lot of money, you no longer have problems with money.

Summertime Saga for android has a beautiful design that resembles an animated movie. The seaside town is described in a beautiful and colorful way. The population density is not too crowded, you can feel the peace of a small coastal town. In particular, I like the way they create hot girls in this game. The girls have extremely beautiful and charming looks. I can play this game for hours without getting bored.


- 3 main plot tasks to complete

- Small games help you progress in the game

- Activity map to explore

- More than 50 places to visit

- Add 50 characters summer saga game to interact with high school summer saga

- Inventory system

- Statistical system, energy and currency

- The possible expansion of the universe when the development of the city is complete

- Dating system