Strava is a popular fitness tracking and analyzing application in the running, cycling, and swimming community around the world.

In today's modern life, it's really difficult to arrange daily physical exercise, it's too time-consuming to move around and the mustache around. But practicing alone will be very boring soon. So the feeling of being seen, shared, supported, commented, and motivated after every sports activity through Strava's message board is indeed a great encouragement after every training session.

You will feel that these things are quite "pale" if you do not play sports, but for those who share the passion of exercise, the detailed tracking of the activities of friends (or for prime) is very interesting. That is also why Strava has become so successful. It has done better than the role of software to record sports activities by GPS. It connects people with similar interests to each other.

How to use Strava

Step 1: Sign up for an account

To use Strava's features, you must first register for an account (it's free).

You can register quickly by selecting Sign up with Facebook or Sign up with Google. However, I encourage you to sign up with your email for easy management later.

Remember to fill in the email you are using, do not fill it out as Strava will ask you to verify your account after registration (see below).

After completing the information, click Sign Up to complete. Who is interested can read more Terms of Service (Terms of Service) and Service Policies (Privacy Policy) right below the word Sign Up.

Step 2: Confirm your account

Next, you have to access the email box you just used to register, find an email from Strava, and click on the link in it to activate your account.

Step 3: Log in to Strava

After the confirmation is completed, Strava will automatically log you into the system. You can also log in from the main site

Strava works like a miniature Facebook. Right on the main page, you will see the latest training sessions for your friends. You can click Like, Comment, just like Facebook.

If you have just registered an account, your Activity Feed will be blank because there are no friends on the list. Slowly, you will quickly find many people on Strava soon. Until then, the update is not time to see always.

Step 4. Install the application on the phone

After panicking into step 3, you already have a Strava account. Next, simply install the Strava app on your phone and you can start recording your running record.

After installation is complete, access the Strava application on your phone

You can create an account directly from the application on your phone by clicking the Get Started button. If you already have an account after following the first 3 steps, click Log In to proceed to login

You can access the remaining 4 tabs at the bottom of the screen including:

Explore - Discover running groups, running solutions

Record - Record the achievement

Profile - Personal information

More - Installation information, ...