Storytel is an audiobook application for Android. You can find books of your favorite authors in audio format to listen to them instead of reading. Here you will find countless books in different languages. Each of them includes a complete data sheet with information about the author, format, length, abstraction, genre, tags, language, release date, and similar titles.

Some people won't like books because they don't have the patience to read. But with Storytel, in this case, it will provide users with both eBooks and audiobooks, this is extremely useful and brings convenience to users.

With interesting feature allows users to switch between listening and reading at any time and can adjust the listening speed. People can also put bookmarks and notes beside them, and they can even share their favorite books with others.

Come to Storytel to enjoy unlimited listening and reading audiobooks and e-books in English and other languages.

Find your favorite new stories through personalized recommendations - discover everything from today's bestsellers to popular horror movies, unforgettable novels, and catchy biographies.

Common features include

Storytel is an extremely useful application, as we see that books give us tremendous knowledge, and reading also gives us a better understanding of the value of life. So if you're a lazy reader, some of the features below will help you with the disadvantages you are suffering from:

- Download in advance or stream on the go.

- Seamless switch between listening and reading.

- Adjust the listening speed.

- Reset alarm with sleep function.

- Set your own bookmarks and notes.

- Discover new favorites through personalized recommendations.

- Share your own book suggestions with friends.

- Let your children explore children's books library with Kid Mode.

- Filter languages in settings or by specific categories and arrange them in many ways to find your favorite books.

- Save upcoming books to your bookshelf, receive notifications when they are released.

- Find the largest and best series in our Special Series section.

- A bubble player on mobile devices keeps track of your browser in the app.

How to use Storytel

To use this application, you need to install it on your phone. After the download is completed, simply open the application and use it normally. With Storytel you can listen to audiobooks on your smartphone wherever and whenever you want!