StoryBeat is an application that allows you to choose from several categories when combining your creations. You can choose from music and pictures, videos or a combination of both. To start the process, just click on the montage option and add the files you want to use from your library. This is the best app to add music to videos or photos you should own.

Once you've arranged your graphics, it's time to select the soundtrack. Use the songs saved on your device or find different songs in the application database. That's it, you just set the length of the final movie and StoryBeat will put it together.

With this app, adding your favorite music to your videos and photos has become very easy, with millions of tracks from top artists to choose from! With the hottest music in every genre, including pop, rock, rap, reggaeton, traps, electronics, R&B, country, etc. Our huge music library is updated daily so all your favorite songs are available to add to your videos and photos.

If you want to bring a new look to your Instagram Story with music videos created from files on your smartphone, StoryBeat is a fun tool to add a new touch to your home, the content you share. This job has never been so easy with a great tool.

Features of Storybeat:

All the features that the application owns are what you need to make your story more lively and appealing to everyone.

- Add music to photos or videos

- Add sound effects to photos or videos

- Record your own voice or any sound via photo or video

- Create photo slideshows with music

- Convert your Live Photos into videos with boomerang effect and add music to it.

- Create videos Stop motion with music

- Add panoramic effects to your horizontal/panoramic photos with music (Coming soon!)

- Add zoom effects to your photos with music (Coming soon!)

How to use Storybeat:

Storybeat is an application that makes it easy to use when you just need to click on the montage option and add the files you want to use from your library. Download it to your device right now to add music to the video or photos more vivid and interesting!