Stickman Wars 2

Stickman Wars 2 is a spectacular sequel to the cult strategy game Stickman Wars, a game that has left many impressive and attractive for players when you will control Stickman to kill and kill many different enemies. This game is considered as an arena where the deadly battles are waged between famous Stickman characters. To win and survive, you will have to manipulate your ingenuity and ingenuity to control the fighting character to the last drop of blood.

Stickman War 2 apk is an addictive action game that takes place in a city ravaged by crazy people. You are the only one who can stop it, so keep yourself and your weapons ready. When you start the game, you will see stickmen running around the level. Such insane, and in our city! Your goal is to shoot each of them before they escape with their quick moves. The game screen will show you everything you need to complete the task without a problem. Pay attention to your ammo because when you are short of ammunition will result in automatic reloading this will take several seconds to complete and you cannot fire during the process. Timing is critical and even these few seconds can help some stickmen escape. At the top of the screen, you can see your stars. Letting a stickman escape will subtract one star from your total and all-stars will cause you to lose the game.

Stickman Wars 2 game will bring you a really engaging and exciting battlespace of the best stickman style game! Perform tricks, crash into walls, break bones and kill your enemies and other warriors to win open new levels, perform stun tricks to defeat all opponents.

Features of Stickman Wars 2

Stickman Wars 2 is an action game that brings a lot of thrills as well as dangers to challenge the player's agility. This game has left a lot of impression with outstanding features such as:

- There are many different types of new weapons, each with a different function to help you quickly defeat your opponent.

- There are many different challenging levels for you to experience as well as train your acumen to not fall victim to this brutal battle.

- This is an interesting game with a combination of excellent graphics and sound, which helps players extremely interested and eye-catching. At the same time, the application of Ragdoll physics to the game is a special point.

- Hardcore gameplay for mature gamers

How to play Stickman Wars 2

You will use the touches to control Stickman to participate in the heroic battles in the game, full of bravery and speed. Many weapons are available. You will have to avoid enemies to survive. The attacks of the enemies must be avoided so as not to hurt themselves. Fight hard, win and turn yourself into the most powerful hero.