Starz is an application that helps you watch online and download movies or shows. This is a paid program, but compared to what you achieve, the cost is also relatively low.

Features of Starz

The Starz app contains a huge repository of genres such as animated films, romance films, action movies, dramas, comedies, westerns, and family, which science fiction, action, adventure, talent movies Data, war, suspense, thriller, horror, fantasy, history, music, urban, mysterious, magical, satirical and many other videos.

Hollywood blockbusters and new movies with the ability to change the sound mode, subtitles, and video quality to suit the needs of the user.

You register the application through your TV provider, you can download the application now. Or register directly with STARZ via the app and request a discount ($ 4.99 / month for 3 months). Just register initially and you don't need to pay any fees for other services.

You can download full movies and shows and watch them again whenever you have free time and cannot access the internet.

Download whatever you need before you take off, and view your schedule.

You can fully control your viewing experience, choose a movie from the genre and rating options, enter the names of your favorite shows on the search box or search through the categories.

New movies added weekly to give you lots of new and exciting options.

You can watch or Starz download quickly and easily, watch and download multiple videos simultaneously without affecting the viewing.

The application provides various subtitles so viewers everywhere can understand the content of the videos.

The application is compatible with most Android, IOS devices and watches in HD quality, you can adjust the video quality to suit the internet speed.

You can stream videos from your smartphone to your TV quickly and easily to watch shows on the big screen with the whole family, the connection happens when your device has the same wifi as the TV.

Create favorite playlists so you can easily review them whenever you want.

Videos with subtitles in many different languages ​​make it easy for viewers everywhere to understand the content of the videos they watch.

In addition to watching your favorite shows, you can also chat with people with similar interests, and follow videos through them. Videos have ratings and reviews to let you know great content, which doesn't take much of your time and you can submit similar reviews.

Download Starz apk at our website to get the most accurate application.

You need to allow the application to access some device functions to perform application installation and use. This access does not affect your device, there is no malicious virus.

Almost every application cannot avoid bugs, if there are any suggestions or suggestions, please contact the manufacturer to improve the application.