Stardew Valley

The attractive role-playing farm game Stardew Valley apk is available on Android, tablets and Chromebooks. If ever a happy Farm game fan, don't miss Stardew Valley.

The game has beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay, full of surprises.

For those who have never experienced Stardew Valley, the game is like the titles in the popular Harvest Moon series of farm management simulation. Players will plant and harvest and then sell to make money, slowly developing the estate of his grandfather's legacy into a "billion-dollar business" and continually re-investing to expand the farm from profits. there. However, it is only the beginning of the experience because the game has a lot of interesting activities that have depth to attract you to immerse yourself in it.

Remarkably, farming is not the only experience that Stardew Valley brings. The game is much more complicated with intimidating and wedding relationships like visual novel games. Not to mention there are a range of other similar activities in real life. All of these factors are specifically designed for players to target, reward and reward based on what you do in the experience. However, the game experience does not focus on the penalty element but on the more relaxing experience.

The upgrade of infrastructure is equally important, you will be upgrading your small house with more amenities. Or to increase your income, you can build more cages to raise animals, get meat, milk ... or a stable to have animals for riding, saving travel time. Imagine a foot wanderer when you first came to the village, now you become a landlord with everything: Breeding cattle, gardens with all kinds of fruits, horses to ride ... think enough make you feel excited.

If you are listening to background music in the game for the first time, it is hard to think that this is a work for the author himself but from a professional musician. The number of background music varies from season to season, making you feel different as you experience the seasons. In addition, the sounds describing the movement of everything around are carefully invested, the writer can feel the intensity of the rain during the thunderstorms or the loneliness every night when the night comes to the cicada outside.

HOW TO PLAY Stardew Valley game

- Choose the best crop

- Seasonal planning

- How to restore Community Center

- Talk to friends and give gifts

- Go to bed on time

- Choose a wise career

- Watch TV

- Upgrade tools only when needed

- Survive in the mines