Star Wars Force Arena

Star Wars Force Arena are a fun and funny game, it requires meticulousness and accuracy from you. Here the game will give you a lot of surprises that make it hard for you to react acutely. The game requires not so high in playing techniques, just give you a good strategy to conquer every level of the game and win. This is a very interesting game and gives you absolute comfort moments after a hard and exhausting day. Any longer hesitates, try your hand at the game now. Wish you luck and win success! The game has players command characters from the Star Wars universe against other players in real-time. Sixty-five characters were available at release.

Star Wars Force Arena presents players with all the classic elements from your favorite characters from the well-known Star Wars saga. Here, you'll be playing an online where you face off alone or with a partner against other players that are online in real-time, and meanwhile, you'll have to focus on collecting resources in order to improve your troops.

The name of the game is destroying your rival's defense towers while you protect your own. The first to finish off enemy defense shields and destroy their opponent's base is declared a champion.

The more combat you face, the greater your prize is. As you make your way up, you'll be able to accumulate resources allowing you to open up fresh packs in your deck to strengthen your units and leveling them up which also improves their overall stats. Another useful strategy is keeping an eye on refining your troops according to your strategy. All in all, this edition of the Star Wars adds a unique twist on a genre that was until now untouched by this saga.

FEATURES of Star Wars Force Arena

- BATTLE and join forces with other players from around the globe in real-time 1v1 or 2v2 real-time, PvP arena battles.

- COMPETE to earn rewards, special characters, and bonus items by participating in events as you climb to the top of the leaderboard in your quest for galactic dominance!

- COLLECT and upgrade your favorite characters to create the ideal Rebel or Imperial squad while leveraging powerful character duos that boost your effectiveness in battle.

- LEAD a team of iconic Star Wars characters including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Ezra Bridger, just to name a few.

- All players that pre-register will be rewarded crystals that can be used as in-game currency to purchase items and strengthen characters within the game. Depending on the number of players that pre-register, more crystals will be given to players for a duration of two weeks after the official global launch.

How to play Star Wars Force Arena game

After downloading you can play this fascinating game. You can play offline or play online with your friends to increase the attractiveness of the game.