Spoon Radio

Spoon Radio is the online Livestream application on the Audio Social Network for young people. Where people make friends, exchange, share and listen to interesting stories wherever you are. Besides, with Radio Radio, you can unleash your creativity on all content about music, love, movies, books ...

Spoon Radio with exciting activities, stimulating the dynamism of young people and awakening hidden talents. Along with the way to make money on the hot spoon radio, attractive event gifts for you Spooner. This application will meet all your needs for social networking and entertainment on mobile in the best way. In addition to reading your friends' news, you can chat with them online, free, and extremely interesting.

Features of Spoon Radio:

1.No longer is the traditional Livesteam or Radio application?

Live: You create a room for yourself and you are the host of that rom. You use your voice to interact with room participants. Room participants will interact with you by entering text. It's like Facebook's livestream, only you won't be able to stream videos.

Cast: It's like you recording your voice by telling a story, or singing a song. Then post it for everyone to hear your story.

Talk: In this feature, you get two-way audio interaction. Both you and the room participants. But if a room has many people, it is impossible to tell each other everyday stories, the best thing is that each person takes turns singing a sentence in a song.

2.Spoon supports better interaction between DJ and FAN?

In addition to being able to talk directly to your favorite DJs through LIVE, CAST, TALK. Fans can also:

-Make friends with DJs by + Fans for your favorite DJs.

- Express your love for your favorite DJs by dropping your heart and giving presents.

-How to live on spoon direct messaging with favorite DJs via their Fanboard easily and quickly.

3.SPOON has stories you want to listen to?

With just one smartphone you can listen to countless radio content from music, news, fashion to jokes, ghost stories, life stories, etc.

How to use Spoon Radio:

The way to use Spoon Radio is relatively simple, first you need to log in with your Google or Facebook account to experience each feature. It includes Live - the main conversation between live people and friends when entering the room, you will only hear a picture of the person's avatar and voice. Want to chat you can type content in the line below.