Speedometer GPS

Speedometer GPS is a simple Android GPS application, which will show you your current location, the speed in both miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (kph), your latitude, longitude, altitude (in meters or feet), your total travel distance, and a map of your area. You can use the application in cars, boats, motorcycles, buses, trains, and bicycles. GPS speedometer can track your speed, distance, time, location, and also get the start time, elapsed time, average speed, maximum speed, altitude.

The speedometer also has a very nice introductory enforcement effect, as well as a number of options like screen size and speed unit conversion (in miles per hour or kilometers). It's called "glow", because it leaves the impression that the dial and pointer (hands) seem to emit light, just like on the dashboard of some newer sports cars.
This application uses a smartphone's satellite connection, it can measure everything related to your movement, regardless of the means of transport being used, all in real-time. So whether you run, cycle or travel by train, you'll be able to know your speed all the time.

Features of Speedometer GPS:

GPS coordinates: Shows you your current GPS position from longitude, Latitude, and Altitude, as well as your maximum speed.

GPS speed: Your current speed and your maximum speed, according to the satellites. The GPS receiver displays the speed and calculates the speed using the algorithm in the Kalman filter.

Units: Both analog and digital speedometer views can be in miles or kilometers per hour.

GPS accuracy: It shows GPS accuracy in meters and feet. The actual accuracy achieved by the user depends on factors such as atmospheric effects, sky congestion, and receiver quality.

Units on the dial: Displays both km / h and mph on the dial, or only selected units. For example, if you live in the United States, you only want to show miles per hour, if you live in Bulgaria, you'll want to set it to kilometers per hour. But if you travel frequently from the UK to France, for example, you might want to set it to display readings in both units.

How to use Speedometer GPS:

Once the installation is complete, users can use the app immediately to measure the speed at which smartphone users are on the move, whether walking, cycling, or in a car. Just a small tap on the icon, you can give yourself many special discoveries.