Spectrum TV apk

Spectrum TV apk is a perfect entertainment application that brings you lots of interesting things and was developed by CharterC Communications, Inc. ... Coming to Spectrum TV, you will have a great experience to explore with about 250 live channels and nearly 30,000 TV shows and movies on demand when you connect to WiFi Spectrum Internet at home. In addition, you can enjoy yourself with over 150 live channels and up to 20,000 titles on-demand wherever you have an internet connection. Cyberflix TV apk download here.

Features of Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV is attracted by many users because of its amazing features such as:

- One of the most important standout features of Spectrum is the ability to link to a TV and stream from your Android device. Your subscription to Spectrum TV (this service is not free) allows you to watch TV, live and according to your preferences, anywhere in your home. Connect your device to be able to watch many different and useful programs such as cooking, health, fashion ...

- Spectrum TV is always adjusted and perfected to meet the needs of users. It has come up with great filtering systems so you can find your favorite things. You can even filter live television. Customize to sort different categories, channel numbers, channel names, program titles, ... different. It will always keep track of all your recently viewed channels. If you are bewildered by a large list of TV shows, create your own personalized channel guide by selecting your favorite channels. Besides, the search function by title, person, etc. is basically used smoothly and not too difficult to use.

- Depending on your compatibility with the Spectrum TV network (you can check the availability guidelines), you can use your phone or tablet to do all the work. These include changing channels on the Spectrum receiver, selecting and recording your favorite programs and movies, deleting individual DVR or set recordings, streaming from your TV with certain compatible DVRs, and Finally, give other Spectrum receivers names so you can track them.

- Last but not least, for families with young children, the issue of establishing parental control is extremely important. You can set yourself a super easy PIN to block programs by channel or rating. You will need to turn on Parental Control for each device your family uses, but the channels and blocks you rate Setup will apply on all devices. This is necessary to prevent children from viewing unnecessary and useful programs.

Some of the requirements for you to use Spectrum TV:

- Programming is available based on your Spectrum TV subscription plan and whether or not you connect to your home WiFi Internet Spectrum network?

- To use it, you need to have your own account, including your name and password.

- Have a WiFi connection or mobile network to use. (data charges from your carrier Device requirements: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

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