SoundCloud Pulse

Built as a companion app focused on the creator of SoundCloud, the SoundCloud Pulse app was born with the purpose of helping users share sounds and music, interact with fans and track the performance of SoundCloud Pulse them on the SoundCloud network easier.

This is a free Android Music & Audio app, which is for Android developed and maintained by SoundCloud. Everyone from indie musicians to professional artists uses the service to share their sound or special editions like acoustic music, live songs or remixes, for example. They can then annotate and comment on the music to further enhance the listening experience.

SoundCloud Pulse provides a lot of features that allow artists to share and interact with fans on the go.

The app allows creators to share audio publicly or privately, as well as get updated statistics on the performance of those sounds, complete with interactive charts, and the ability to filter by date range.

Artists can also track and block other users, manage comments (by deleting them) and respond to comments on their tracks with both text and emoticons. (Currently, the iOS app has a few extra features compared to the Android version, including this ability to block users and delete comments.)

SoundCloud Pulse has become popular with a simple but effective interface. Owning to this application, you will discover as well as learn more unique and interesting things.

Features of SoundCloud Pulse:

With this app for Android, creators help increase their content by strengthening their relationship with followers with the following options and features:

- Respond to comments on your music even on the go or anywhere.

- Get updated statistics on the performance of your tracks.

- Edit your music details and switch privacy settings on mobile devices.

- Share the audio you have uploaded, both public and private.

- Artists can follow other users to stay updated on what's new in the music world.

How to use SoundCloud Pulse:

SoundCloud Pulse is basically a free service for all listeners and content creators. Once SoundCloud Pulse is installed on your device, you can immediately discover it by a simple tap on the icon on the screen. Start sharing sounds, music, and interact with fans and track their performance right away!