Soul Knight apk

Soul Knight game is a unique retro style shooter that does not focus too much on the story and details, but focuses on giving you moments of entertainment and relaxation.

In an age of guns and knives, the magic stone that helped balance the world was stolen by aliens using their high-tech equipment. The whole world is standing in a thousand pounds hanging from the hair. All now rely on the player's ability to regain that magical stone.

Besides the control system, the gameplay of Soul Knight also works super smoothly even on mid-range mobile devices. Along with that is the classic 2D retro graphics platform that blends with the old four-button game soundtrack for sure the Soul Knight will surely win the hearts of the players at first sight.

The control system is designed quite reasonably with virtual buttons on both sides of the touch screen to help players move characters and discharge bullets at enemies easily. This is a plus point with cute graphics making the game extremely popular

You absolutely can choose your own style of play that suits your ability. The character classes in the game are divided freely, with each character carrying a unique skill and used to counter a specific type of enemy.

The weapon system and skills in the game are designed in a variety and novelty, from classic melee weapons such as swords to alien guns. The types of bosses in the game are also quite challenging and make you have to measure the distance, but you can find your own strategy to deal with them.

FEATURES of Soul Knight apk

- The unique hero characters with endless possibilities.

- More than 120 weapons are waiting for your team to discover.

- The randomly generated dungeon world gives you an endless new experience.

- NPCs are really useful because they will fight alongside you.

- Automatic aiming and aiming mechanism gives you the best control of the game.

- You can find many more features during the game.

How to play Soul Knight Game

- There are about 14 characters in the Soul Knight apk. They come with different possibilities. Some characters will only unlock if you pay a certain amount. The characters available in Soul Knight are Knights, cheats, assassins, wizards, goblins, etc.

- Soul Knight Buffs are power in the game. At the first level, you can choose a buff and when you go up, you can have 1 to 5 buffs. In the garden there will be certain types of plants, you can collect buffs from them