Sony | Music Center

Sony | Music Center is a utility for music lovers who can enjoy high-quality audio anywhere, connect to other Sony audio devices, and play music with the best sound quality and settings. Optimal. Sony | Music Center, formerly known as SongPal, so all compatible devices with SongPal will also be compatible with the Sony Music Center utility.

Sony Gadget | Music Center allows you to play tracks including high-resolution songs on your Smartphone, play music files from CD, USB, and Smartphone. In addition, Sony Music Center also features browsing music folders stored on your computer or NAS (Network Attached Storage - roughly translated as storage devices attached to the network).

Sony | Music Center allows you to set up Multi-room, Surround, Wireless Stereo with many different speakers, change settings on audio devices, such as Equalizer (Calibrator), Sleep Timer (Timer), Network ...

Note that some features of the Sony | gadget Music Center are not supported on certain devices or some regions/countries.

It can be said that this is an extremely useful application and has many outstanding advantages that bring convenience to users. Immerse yourself in the world of incredibly detailed and clear sound with just a few easy controls. It will be difficult to find yourself a better application like that.

To be able to use the control functions of audio devices, audio devices are compatible with Sony | Music Center is required.

Features Sony | Music Center:

You can playback music including Hi-Res tracks on your smartphone. Play music content from CDs, USBs, and Smartphones.

Access music by browsing or searching music folders stored on your computer or NAS drive via the network (DLNA) *.

Create great home audio settings from your smartphone. Just use the app to connect the speakers to each other and you can experience multi-room audio, surround sound, or stereo sound. Change settings on audio devices, such as Equalizer, Sleep Timer, Network, and more.

Compatible devices are limited.

Supported file types, including DSD for high-resolution audio, to be able to experience each note exactly like the original recording.

How to use Sony | Music Center:

With just a few easy controls, after downloading the application, you can enjoy a very colorful and colorful world of music. Controlling playback, connecting speakers, and volume on Sony devices is simple thanks to the specially designed user interface. You can create playlists with the music playback functions. Enjoy music content saved on your smartphone in your order of preference.